Diegetic Plots: Chapter 2


Diegetic Plots: Chapter Two

This is the final episode of the 2nd season of Relatively Prime. It is also the second chapter of the ongoing series Diegetic Plots. Which means we will once again be exploring the intersection of mathematics and the humanities. This time by exploring what happens when haiku is used to procrastinate from writing a dissertation, how exactly theorems get born, all the possible continuums upon which feelings can be rated, and the executive summaries of some less than successful grant applications.

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Executive Summaries of Less than Successful Grant Applications

Samuel spends a lot of his time searching the internet for cool mathematical things, so you can guess how excited he was when he stumbled on these amazing grant applications.

Calculus of Your Body

After hearing the amazing mathematical poems from the first chapter of Diegetic Plots Samuel decided to try his own hand at mathematical poetry. This is what came out of it.

A Difficult Delivery

Etta Devine, Gabriel Diani, Tekurah McCullough, and Rob Schultz play Karen, Jeff, Dr. Vittles, and the Narrator in Relatively Prime’s presentation of this piece of mathematically bent theater written by Colin Adams


IMG_6787 - Version 2

Much Depends Upon
Good Mathematics Haikus
In This Episode

Courtney Gibbons was just trying to find a way to not write her dissertation. Little did she know that 17 syllables of mathematics would so entrance Helene Tyler, Andrew Gainer-Dewar, and Greg Stevenson that the next thing they all knew they were engaged in a mathematical haiku battle the likes of which the world had never before seen(to be fair the world had probably never seen any sort of mathematical haiku battle before).

Special thanks to Greg Harries for being a great stand-in Greg.


Bonus Haiku As Promised

From Courtney:
Go hear about that
time I wrote Facebook haikus
about my research

From Helene:
Who ever thought that
Math haiku would pave my way
To internet fame.

The Continuum

This piece was written by Rob Schultz with a tiny, tiny, almost minuscule amount of help from Samuel. The character of Murphy was voiced by Etta Devine and Doc was voiced by Rob.



Broke for Free
Jess and Frank Charlton

While the interviews in this episode Relatively Prime are licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, the authors reserve all rights for the sketches and haiku which appeared in this episode and if you want to reproduce or otherwise use their work please contact the authors to ask for their permission.